Customising Shopfront

Setting up and Managing Payment Methods

Shopfront supports creating and using an unlimited amount of Payment Methods. Payment Methods are any type of payment you can receive.

Creating and Editing Payment Methods

Note: Newly created payment methods will need to be enabled for each individual register you wish to process the payment method on. Refer to the below section on Enabling Payment Methods in the Register.

In order to set up your Payment Methods, you'll need to navigate to the list of Payment Methods:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Payment Methods
  4. Choose the payment method you would like to modify and select Edit or create a new one by pressing + New


  5. Configure the options you would like
  6. Once you have finished editing your payment methods select Save Payment Method

The Payment Method edit page contains the following options:

Option Description
Always Open Cash Drawer Whether the Cash Drawer should always open when this payment method is used during a sale
Always Print Receipt Whether receipts should automatically be printed when this payment method is used during a sale
Use Rounding Whether this Payment Method should round to the nearest currency amount (for Australia this is $0.05)
Allow Cash Out Whether this Payment Method supports Cash Out
Default to Pay Exact Whether this Payment Method can be used without having to specify an amount first (we typically disable this for Cash and enable it for EFTPOS)
Close Register Denominations A comma separated list of denominations available for use in the calculator when closing your register
Prediction Denominations

A comma separated list of denominations to use when predicting expected money provided when paying for a sale

Payment Button Background Colour

The colour used in the background of the Payment Method when viewed from Finalise sale on the Sell Screen (Hexadecimal colour codes supported)

Payment Button Text Colour

The colour of the text displayed on the Payment Method when viewed from Finalise sale on the Sell Screen (Hexadecimal colour codes supported)

Setting the Default Payment Method

After you've setup your payment methods you can specify which will be the default method. The default payment method is the payment method which will be applied when you press enter on the keyboard after entering an amount on the calculator in the finalise sale screen during a sale.

You can have a different default payment method for each register.

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select General
  4. Search for Default Payment Method by typing into the search text box
  5. Select the Register you wish modify
  6. Set the method by selecting from the dropdown
  7. Repeat for each Register
  8. Select Save

Payment Method Types

Each payment method needs to be assigned a payment method type, the payment method types are listed below;


Option Description
Cash Payment methods related to receiving cash (physical currency)
Cheque Payment methods related to receiving Cheques
Direct Deposit Payment methods related to receiving payment directly into a bank account
EFTPOS Payment methods related to non-integrated (standalone) EFTPOS transactions
Gift Card Used for instore gift cards, see Setting up and Selling Gift Cards for more information
Voucher The voucher payment method type can be used for any purpose, generally, this is used to process a sale when no money is being received from the customer


Linkly Payment methods for integrated EFTPOS using Linkly software
Linkly Value Added Integrations

This payment method type should only be selected if your EFTPOS terminal has been specifically configured for the Linkly Value Applications

Tyro Used for processing Tyro-integrated EFTPOS sales, see How to Setup Tyro to Integrate with Shopfront



Relates to any external payment methods linked to the Shopfront API, see developer documentation for further information


Enabling Payment Methods in the Register

Once a Payment Method has been created, it will need to be activated for use on a Register basis.

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Registers and Outlets
  4. Select the Register you wish to add the Payment Method to and select Edit
  5. Toggle the Payment Method you want to enable
  6. Select Save
    Payment method enabled.gif

The next time the Register is synchronised, your Payment Method will be available.