Favourite Reports

If you're commonly running the same reports you may want to save them to your Favourite Reports, this saves time by not having to configure the same report every time you want to run it. Favourite Reports can also be emailed to you automatically.

How to Save Favourite Reports

  1. Open and configure the report you want to make a favourite
  2. Select the Save button
  3. Enter a Report Name
    • This will be visible in the Favourite Reports screen and in email subjects if you have it emailed to you
  4. Choose whether the time period is Static or Dynamic
    • A static report keeps the current date and time that is selected in the report
    • A dynamic report will automatically adjust the time period it is run at
      • If Dynamic is selected, enter the period type, the dynamic type and the dynamic amount if required
  5. Select Save


How to Automatically Email Favourite Reports

  1. Navigate to Menu > Reporting > Favourite Reports
  2. Select Email Settings on the report you wish to email
  3. Enable the Enable Automatic Emails toggle
  4. Add as many email addresses as you would like
  5. Select the time period that the report should be emailed
  6. Select Save