Managing Inventory

Generate an Order using Reorder Points

Shopfront supports generating orders using predefined levels and amounts known as reorder levels and reorder amounts respectively. It is useful to generate orders using reorder points if you know how much stock you want to order when your inventory reaches a certain level.

We would also suggest looking at generating dynamic orders which use your recent sales to generate an order.


Setting Reorder Points

Before generating an order using reorder points you'll need to set up reorder levels and reorder amounts for products.

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Stock Management
  3. Select Products
  4. Find the Product you wish to modify and enter the edit screen
  5. Change to the Inventory tab
  6. Set the Reorder Level and Reorder Amount to the points you want, optionally a Reorder Limit can be set to ensure the ordered amount never passes the maximum limit 
  7. Set a Reorder Rounding option using the following section as a guide
  8. Press Save Product

Reorder Points Calculation

The calculation used when determining the amount of stock to order for products with reorder points is:
Reorder Level - Stock on hand + Reorder Amount.

Example: Product A has a case quantity of 1, the Reorder Level is set to 5, the Reorder Amount is set to 6 and there are currently 2 items on hand. Based on the above calculation, when generating an order by reorder points, the order amount for Product A would be 9 items.

Reorder Rounding

If you reorder stock using either our sales or reorder point generation we’ve added the ability to round the calculation to individual products.

This is designed to assist with preventing Shopfront from recommending you to order items if the supplier only accepts cases. There are four different rounding options that can be applied:

  • No Rounding (default, how Shopfront was previously working),
  • Round Up to Case,
  • Round Down to Case,
  • Round Naturally to Case (if it’s closer to zero it’ll round down, if it’s closer to the case quantity it’ll round up)

So if you’ve got the setting set as Round Down to Case and Shopfront was previously going to suggest 2 cases and 3 items, it’ll now only suggest 2 cases.

Generating Orders

When all of your reorder points have been set, you'll need to create an order as specified in creating supplier orders, however, you'll have to set Generate Stock From to Reorder Points.


Once the order has been created you'll be able to edit and modify the order to your liking before sending it.

Generate Stock From Sales & Reorder Points

The order amount of a Dynamically Generated Order from Sales and Reorder Points will suggest the higher quantity from the two calculations below:

  • Total Sales for the Analysed Period / (Analysed Days * Order days) - On Hand Stock + Reorder Level
  • Reorder Level - Stock on Hand + Reorder Amount

Note: If the current inventory is greater than the reorder level, the second calculation (listed above) will be ignored, if the reorder level is set to zero, this will ensure that both calculations are always analysed to determine the greater amount out of the two calculations.