Learning Shopfront

How to Pay During a Sale

Shopfront offers several different ways to pay to allow people to serve customers the quickest way possible for their setup.


Using Finalise Sale

The default way to pay for products during a sale is to use the Finalise Sale button in the bottom right-hand corner.


This can also be activated by pressing Enter / Return on your keyboard when there is nothing in the Sell Screen search.

This will display a contextually aware dialog box containing all of the applicable payment methods as well as either a calculator (if touched using a touch screen) or predictive denominations (if Enter Return is pressed or the Finalise Sale button is clicked). The calculator and predictive denominations can be toggled by pressing the calculator button next to the currency input.


You can then either click on the payment method you would like to use (if the payment method is available) or you can type into the currency input with the amount the customer wishes to pay and select the payment method they are using.

Note; If you press Enter / Return while the currency input is focused, the payment will go through on the default payment method.


Using Sales Keys

If you have a touch screen you might find it easier to use the Sales Keys to pay rather than the finalise sale box.

Note; Sales Keys are required to be set up before use.

By default, Shopfront comes with three "exact" payment method keys:


  • Cash Out
  • Exact Cash

Selecting any of these buttons will complete the sale by applying the remaining sale balance to that payment method.

You can also set up Sales Keys to pay certain amounts on a payment method. Shopfront also provides some of these by default:


Selecting any of these buttons will pay off part of the sale using the linked payment method.


Splitting Payments

All payments within Shopfront are presumed to be Split Payments as we've found that this allows a large amount of flexibility to users when customers are paying. You can have as many payment methods on a sale as you would like.

In order to Split a payment, all you need to do is put through the amount of money that a customer has provided you with.

For example, if you're using the Finalise Sale dialogue you can put through $5 on EFTPOS and $2 on Cash as if it were just a normal payment.

Note; We recommend completing any payment method that is "declinable" first (such as EFTPOS) before accepting other payment methods (such as Cash).

If you ever wish to payment while the sale is in progress, you can simply click on the x next to the payment's name.

Note; You can split payments between the Sales Keys and Finalise Sale dialogue.