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Promotion Stacker

The Promotion Stacker is a built-in integration that allows you to create promotions offering an additional percentage off products already on a single-buy promotion. Unlike standard promotions, which apply discounts based off the everyday price, the promotion stacker calculates discounts on top of existing single buy promotions.


Setting up the Integration

Follow the steps below to integrate the Promotion Stacker.

  1. Select Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Integrations
  4. Locate the Shopfront Promotion Stacker integration and select Integrate
  5. Select Authorise

Note: The user actioning these steps will require Permission to Modify Integrations.

Setting up a Promotion Stacker Promotion

After completing the integration steps, you'll need to create your Promotion Stacker promotion. To do this, go to the integrations page and select Settings under the Shopfront Promotion Stacker.

To create a promotion:

  1. Select Create Promotion
  2. Select Add next to Included Classifications or Included Products
  3. Enter a Discount Amount (%) and the minimum product quantity
  4. Select Save

If you have multiple outlets to which you wish to apply a promotion stacker to, you will need to repeat these steps for each outlet.

Field Description
Included Classification The classification(s) that have been included in the promotion, such as including a category, brand, family or tag
Included Products The product(s) that has been included in the promotion, such as Carlton Dry 330ml or Smirnoff Vodka 700ml
Discount Amount (%) The percentage that will be discounted from the product(s)
Minimum Product Quantity The quantity of products required before the promotion will be applied


You can create an unlimited amount of stackable promotions by selecting Create Promotion and you can switch between them by selecting the numbered tabs above.


Processing a Promotion Stacker Sale

As a result of integrating the Shopfront Promotion Stacker a new product named Promotion Stacker Promotion will be created.

When you add a product(s) to a sale that meets the promotional stacker criteria, this product will automatically appear on the sale, displaying a negative dollar amount to reflect the promotional savings from the promotional stacker promotion.

Frequently asked questions

I already have a buy 6 or more, get 10% off wine promotion activated in my store but I'd like the wines that have a single promotion to be discounted by a further 10%.

To set up an extended (stackable) promotion like that, you'll need to do the following;

  • Include all of your wine products in the stackable promotion by entering the relevant classifications, like the Wine Categories
  • Enter the Discount Amount (%), which would be 10
  • Enter the Minimum Product Quantity, which would be 6

Below is an example of how the set up should look;


Let's assume you have a product with the following pricing;


Product A

Price Type Qty Price
Everyday Price 1 $12
Promotion 1 $11
Promotion 2 $20


If a customer were to purchase 6 bottles without the stackable promotion and had a buy 6 or more 10% off promotion applied, the price for 6 bottles would be $64.80 (6 x $12, less 10%).

Now that we've added a stackable promotion that meets the 6-bottle buy requirement, the customer would receive the 6 bottles for $59.40 (6 x $11, less 10%). Below is how this scenario would look on the sell screen;

Qty Product Total Sell Price
6 Product A $64.80
6 Promotion Stacker Promotion -$6.60


Note; the multi-buy 2 for promotion is ignored for the stackable promotion as only single-buy promotions are discounted when the stackable promotion criteria is met.


Here's another example with a second product (Product B), which was included in the bottle buy but does not have a single-buy promotion, and its everyday price is $15; the promotional stacker does not apply a further discount; only the normal 6 or more 10% off promotion is applied. Below is how this scenario would look on the sell screen;

Qty Product Total Sell Price
5 Product A $49.50
5 Promotion Stacker Promotion -$5.50
1 Product B $13.50


I don't like the default name of the promotion stacker promotion product, can I change it?

Yes, you can change the name of this product like you would any other. To do so, you can go to your Products page, search for the Promotion Stacker Promotion product, and select Edit. You can now edit the product's name to whatever you would like, just make sure to save it.


How will the promotion stacker promotion product affect my sales reports, profit and inventory?

The Promotion Stacker Product will show as negative revenue and negative profit (loss) for the promotional amount applied, allowing the total sale to have the correct profit amount. To avoid the product having a negative inventory value the Promotion Stacker Product is by default disabled from tracking inventory.


Can I use the promotion stacker to run a promotion that will discount an existing promotion that has a promotional quantity greater than one?

No, the promotional stacker will only discount from existing promotions, where the promotional quantity is set to one.