Managing Inventory

Inventory Movement Report

The Inventory Movement Report allows you to view all changes for a product relating to the inventory and cost between a selected date.

To run an Inventory Movement Report follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Menu
  2. Select Reporting
  3. Select Miscellaneous Reports
  4. Choose the start and end date that you would like to view movements for

Report Columns

Field Description
ID The Unique identifier (UUID) of the product
Outlet The name of the outlet
Name The name of the product
Opening Quantity Initial inventory quantity at the beginning of the selected period
Opening Value Value of inventory at the start date
Purchase Quantity Total quantity of product purchased during the specified timeframe
Purchase Value The value of purchases for the specified timeframe
Sales Quantity Quantity of product sold (negative for incoming quantity, positive for outgoing quantity)
Sales Value Total sales value for the given period (negative for outgoing value, positive for incoming value)
Transfer Quantity In Quantity of transfers received into stock
Transfer Value In Total value of transfers received in
Transfer Quantity Out Quantity of transfers sent out of stock
Transfer Value Out Total value of transfers sent out
Stocktake Adjustment Quantity Difference between the original quantity and the stocktaked quantity
Stocktake Adjustment Value Difference between the original value and the post-stocktake value
Basket Quantity The total amount of items sold from a Basket Product
Basket Value The total value sold from Basket Products
Manual Adjustment Quantity Difference between original quantity and manually adjusted quantity
Manual Adjustment Value Difference between original quantity value and manually adjusted quantity value
Closing Quantity Inventory quantity at the end of the selected period
Closing Value Value of inventory at the end date
Closing Cost Closing case cost at the end date


Report Filters

Field Description
Date Range (inclusive) The start and end date
Products Allows you to view particular products
Outlets Choose a particular outlet (Only relevant to multi-stores)
Show Products Choose to only show products that have had movements for the selected date, or to view all products
Cost to Use Choose whether the costs shown are the Average or Last Cost