Managing Products

Notification of Sell Price Changes

If you have multiple outlets within your Shopfront domain, there are various ways to track price changes.


Enabling notifications for price changes and product creation ensures that all outlets are informed whenever such events occur. Upon activation, an internal Shopfront Notification is generated for all outlets whenever a price is altered, or a new product is created.

To enable this notification, follow the steps below.

  1. Select Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select General
  4. Under the Company settings, scroll down to Get notification on product creation or price change and turn on the toggle
  5. Select Save

Upon receiving a notification about a price change or new product, select the notification to be directed to the product view page. You can access the Revision History to review the price changes from there.

Image 008.jpg


Future Prices

Some multi-outlet stores prefer to delay price adjustments to allow other outlets to review them. This can be achieved by scheduling changes to take effect after a specified period or manually activating them. For detailed instructions, refer to the Future Prices help article.


Product Revision History Report

For a report showing all price changes between a selected period, see the Product Revision History Report. This report can be saved as a Favourite Report and scheduled to be emailed to all outlets at a chosen interval.


Commonly Asked Questions

I want to set my prices to apply the following day and ensure all outlets have updated shelf tickets. How can I do this?

To ensure that all outlets have time to print the shelf tickets for the updated prices, we recommend setting up Future Prices. Set the desired time for price adjustments to take effect. Alternatively, schedule the changes well in advance and manually activate them when ready.

Once a price change is applied, the product will appear on all outlet's Shelf Tickets pages. If a product is removed from one outlet's page, it will not affect its presence on the other outlets' pages.