Managing Products

Future Costs

Future Costs allow you to schedule a chosen time for cost changes to become active. These changes can be enabled by using the utilities to set a future cost for selected products.


Creating Future Costs

Follow the steps below to add products to the Future Costs page.

  1. Navigate to Menu > Utilities > Future Costs
  2. Click + New 
  3. Search for products by typing into the text box
  4. If you have multiple outlets, select the outlet you would like the cost to apply to
  5. Click the Scheduled Time field to open the calendar
  6. Select or type the date this cost change should apply
  7. Enter the future cost into the Case Cost field
  8. To finalise select Add

Image 010.jpg

Applying Future Costs

If you wish for Future Costs to take effect at the scheduled time, no additional steps are necessary. However, if you prefer these costs to be applied at any point before the scheduled time, this can be achieved by selecting Apply next to a specific product. Alternatively, if you wish to apply all costs simultaneously, you can select Apply All Costs.

Image 011.jpg


Navigate Future Costs Index

The Future Costs index page functions similarly to other index pages within Shopfront. This page lists all future costs that have been created and not applied yet.

Select Category Filter Future Costs to only show scheduled costs from a particular category. 
Select Start Date Filter by a start date. Future costs will appear for any products with a Scheduled Time after the date selected.  
Select End Date Limit the filter results with an end date. Future costs will appear for any products with a Scheduled Time before the date selected.
Apply All Costs Immediately apply all future costs currently on the filtered list.
Apply Immediately apply selected future costs.