Running a MIP Rebate Report for IBA Banner Group Promotions

The review details for your MIP rebates can be found in the ALM portal by selecting the Admin dropdown menu and choosing MIP. You can identify the promotion by the promotion week number.

Note: This relates to both IBA Loyalty and non-IBA Loyalty banner group promotions.

Follow the instructions below to run a report in Shopfront and verify that the rebates in the MIP report on the ALM portal match the sales processed in Shopfront for the same period.

  1. Select Menu
  2. Select Reporting
  3. Select Sales Reports

The following options for the report should be selected;

  • Report Type: Product
  • Group By: Promotion
  • Date and Time: Choose the start and end date of the promotion in question

In the example below, the store sold 1x Jack Daniel Black Label 1L under the P11 loyalty promotion.