Managing Inventory

Review & Approval Process for Orders & Invoices

Shopfront users on the premium plan can create and enforce a review and approval process for functionality related to the orders & invoices page (sending orders, receiving invoices, etc).

This allows staff to create and edit orders but prevents them from being submitted without the approval of another user (such as an owner or manager).

Customising the Review Process

Shopfront supports many options for what needs approval and who can approve orders. These settings can be found under the general setup in each Outlet's settings. To view and modify them, perform the following:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Expand Setup
  3. Select General
  4. Change the tab to Outlets
  5. Select the Outlet you want to customise
  6. Scroll down to the Orders & Invoices section

This lists a large number of settings which are available and relate to the review process, you can press the question mark icon next to each option to learn more details about it.

If one of the Force settings is enabled, whenever that scenario presents itself, instead of the order being automatically completed, a review will be created, and the user will be redirected to it.

Manually Reviewing an Order

If you want to use the review process but only want certain orders to be reviewed, you can manually create a review by performing the following:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Expand Stock Management
  3. Select Orders & Invoices
  4. Find the order you wish to review
  5. Press the View button next to the order
  6. Press the Create Review button
  7. Specify any reviewers
    • Reviewers will be automatically added if specified in the settings
  8. Press the Create Review button

The user will then be redirected to the review and will be notified that they've been added to a review.

Accessing Existing Reviews

Sometimes you might want to check the status of a review or a historical review. These are shown on the order view page and edit page, where appropriate.

Reviewing Orders

Once a review has been created, you can see all the order details, add attachments and comments (to both the order overall and to individual product lines).

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 10.55.29 am.png

If you need to change who reviews the order, you can select Modify Reviewers. (Note: If a reviewer has already left a review, they cannot be removed from the reviewer list.)

All changes to the order since the review was created will also appear on the right-hand side (when viewed on a desktop, press View Activities on a mobile device).

Once you've gone through and reviewed the order, you have three status options that you can choose from:

  • Approve
    • If you're happy with the order, you can approve it. If you meet the minimum number of reviewers, you can also optionally process the order at the same time
  • Decline
    • If you don't want this to be processed at all, you can just go ahead and decline the review. If you're the last reviewer to decline the order, you can mark the order as cancelled at the same time
  • Require Changes
    • This indicates to the user who created the review that there are changes that will need to be performed before they can process it

You can change your status at any time by selecting another status or revert to not having reviewed the order by selecting the same status.

Each time a comment or a review is added, the user who created the order will receive a notification with the following details:

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 11.01.16 am.png