Managing Inventory

Creating a Credit Note for a Supplier

Shopfront allows you to record a credit note against a supplier for any product.

Note: Credit notes do not adjust the product's costs or inventory, however, they will be recorded in the Purchase Reports. If a product is returned to the supplier, you may wish to process the order as a Return Stock order.

Creating a Credit Note

Follow the steps below to create a credit note.

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Stock Management
  3. Select Orders & Invoices
  4. Click Credit Note

You'll now be presented with the Credit Note details screen which contains the following fields:

Field Description
From The Supplier that supplied the stock you are crediting
To The Outlet that will have the stock credited (this is not modifiable if you only have one Outlet)
Credit Note Date  The date of the credit note
Credit Note Number The number for the credit note, Shopfront will warn you if the credit note is not unique but it is not a requirement for it to be
Due Date The date the credit note is due
Internal Reference The internal reference used for the credit note
Public Notes Specific notes for the credit note, visible in emails and printed credit notes
Internal Notes Specific notes for the credit note, only visible on Shopfront


Once you've specified the details for your credit note, click Create at the bottom of the page.


Modifying the Credit Note

Once you've created the credit note, you'll be presented with the edit order screen. From here you can add products to the credit note and assign a quantity.

To get started, you can either type the product name into the search bar or scan the barcode into the search box. If you can't find the product, it is likely that the product isn't assigned to the applied supplier. To view products from all suppliers, select the All Suppliers toggle.


Processing the Credit Note

Once you've finished editing your Credit Note, you can select Save if you plan on making any further changes at a later time, or if you are ready to process the Credit Note, select Save and Send.

This will take you to the order view page, from here you can optionally email or print the order.


Viewing Processed Credit Notes

For a list of Credit Notes that have been applied, you can navigate to your Orders & Invoices page and change the Type to Credit Note, you will need to select Filter for this to apply.

Credit Notes will appear in your Purchase Reports, for further information see the help guide on running Purchase Reports.