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Security Centre

The Security Centre is designed to identify and address potential security issues and fraud risks. By monitoring key details like IP address access, login times, and detecting out-of-the-ordinary patterns, such as the potential mishandling of cash.

To navigate to the Security Centre, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Menu
  2. Select Reporting
  3. Select Security Centre

Analysing Events in the Security Centre

Once you're inside the Security Centre, you have the option to specify a start and end date for analysis. By default, the current day is selected as the date range.

Each device is assigned a random name based on its IP address, allowing you to track events associated with specific devices.

The Security Centre consists of two main sections: Patterns and Events.


A pattern is made up of multiple events to form a pattern. For example, if a product is removed from the sell screen without finalising the sale, followed by the opening of the cash drawer, it would be identified as a Potential Cash Mishandled pattern. To further analyse the pattern, select More next to the pattern, this will display all of the events that contributed to the pattern.


All Security Centre events will be displayed from oldest to newest events for whichever date you have selected. To only display certain events, select Filters and choose the Events you wish to display from the drop-down menu.

Select More to view additional information about a specific Event.

The table below provides a brief description of each event type.

Event Description
Cancelled Sale Identifies sales that have been cancelled from the register without finalising the sale
Clear Data Indicates when data has been cleared by selecting Clear Local Data within Shopfront
Duplicate Customer Identifies separate sales with the same customer added, within a short period of time
Integrated Application Integrations performed from the integrations page
Location Change A new location has been selected
Login Indicates the login method used, eg, password or token (login without password required)
Open Drawer Records each time the cash drawer is opened within Shopfront
Removed Product Product(s) have been removed from the sell screen without finalising the sale
Revoked Integration Integrations revoked from the integrations page
Training Mode Indicates the activation of Training Mode
User Created The creation of a new User
User Deleted The deletion of a User
User Modified Signals modifications made to an existing User