Managing Products

Merge Products

Shopfront allows you to merge products. This is a handy function if duplicate products exist. This function will merge all of the sales history and purchase history from the merged products into a new product. Whether merging two or more products, you have the flexibility to select specific product details that you wish to retain for the merged product.

Merging Products 

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Stock Management
  3. Select Products
  4. Select </> Functions located at the top of the page
  5. Select Merge Products

You will be directed to the Products Merge Page. To add products Merge follow the steps below:

  1. Select the + icon to add a Product
  2. Search for the Product 
  3. Select Add

Follow the steps above to add any other products you wish to merge. 

Once all of the products you wish to merge together have been added, you can now start selecting the product details you wish to keep for your new merged product. You can add the product details by either of the methods below: 

  • Select a section you wish to keep from each product by selecting Select Section
  • Type the new information into the Results Column

To finalise the merge you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and select Complete, you will be asked to confirm the merge.

Press Continue to complete the process. Once continue is selected this cannot be reversed.


Commonly Asked Questions

How can I recover the products that were merged?

Products that have been merged are automatically deleted and moved to trashed items, to recover a product see How to Recover Items from Trashed Items.


What happens to the inventory when I merge products?

When merging your products together, you have the option to choose which product's inventory to retain. If you opt not to specify an inventory value, it will default to zero and you may need to manually update the inventory for your newly created merged product.


What happens to my sales and purchase history for merged products?

All of the sales and purchase history from the products merged will be merged into the newly created product, there is no way to reverse this once you have completed the merge.