Customising Shopfront

Modifying Search Settings to Improve Performance

You can customise the search settings based on your computer's requirements. Generally, it is recommended to keep the search settings at their default values. However, if your computer has limited memory and struggles to perform efficiently when handling a large number of products or customers, you have the option to adjust the search level to enhance the search process speed.


To change your Search settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select General
  4. Scroll down to Search

The table below provides a description of each search level option, this applies to Customer Search Level and Product Search Level:

Mode Description
Full (Default) Searches from anywhere within the string in any order. Works with any language. Has the highest memory usage
English Tokenized Similar to Full except it only works with English, any non-English characters are not searched for. Has a moderate amount of memory usage
Strict Can only search from the beginning of words. Works with any language. Has the lowest memory usage of any in-memory search option
Offload to Database Offloads the search to the local database instead of searching within memory. This reduces search performance (as it requires a lookup to the database) however uses next to no memory. Can only search from the beginning of words. Works with any language


Search Cache Save Location

This determines where the search cache is saved for each device.

Mode Description
Local Database (Default) Allows the cache to be reused between page reloads. Typically, it's best to use this mode
None Recalculates the cache on the first page load of the day. This can help with slow hard drives or hard drives running low on free space