Managing Your Shopfront Subscription

Account & Billing Information

Shopfront is a subscription service that requires a debit or credit card for monthly or annual payments.

To access your Account & Billing page follow the steps below: 

  1. Select Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Account & Billing

Updating Your Contact Details

The contact details you provide will be displayed on your Shopfront subscription invoice, while your email address will be used for all automated emails related to your Account & Billing. You have the flexibility to modify these details at any time, with the mandatory fields being Name and Email. To ensure that your details are updated successfully, remember to select Update once you have finished making any necessary changes.


Choosing or Modifying Your Shopfront Subscription

Once your contact details have been entered, select the Edit button under Plan Details to proceed.


Billing Schedule

You can choose between Monthly or Yearly billing frequency (psst! paying yearly works out 10% cheaper).

Choose a Plan

Choose a plan that suits your business needs from the available options of Basic, Standard, or Premium. To determine which plan is right for you, please refer to the Feature Comparison on the Shopfront Pricing Page

Add Ons

If required, select any relevant Add Ons that apply.

Adding or Removing an Outlet or Register

To add additional Outlets select the + Outlet icon, for adding additional registers to an outlet select the + icon next to the appropriate outlet. All Outlets and registers will need to be named accordingly.


To remove an Outlet or Register from your subscription select the trash bin next to the relevant item.

Finalising Your Plan

Once you have selected all of the relevant components of your plan, select Save, you will be redirected back to the main Account & Billing page. To start activate the changes, select Update.


Setting up the Register (Hardware Configuration)

Adding an additional register will enable you to access an additional sell screen for your Shopfront subscription. If the physical register requires configuration, Shopfront can perform an online hardware setup via Team Viewer for $100 inc GST per register. Otherwise, if you wish to set up the register yourself, the relevant support articles can be found in our help centre under Getting Ready for Shopfront.

See Setting Up Payment Methods for information on choosing the active payment methods on the new register.

Setting up Integrated EFTPOS on the New Register

For integrated EFTPOS terminals using Linkly software, there is a one-off license fee of $250 inc GST per terminal, if you replace the terminal or PC, you won't be charged again for the license fee. The license fee is a one-time payment that contributes to the development and maintenance of our application that enables communication between Shopfront and the Linkly Client.

For Tyro integrated EFTPOS terminals, Shopfront does not charge an additional fee, for information on pairing a Tyro terminal to your register see How to Setup Tyro to Integrate with Shopfront.

Rename an Outlet or Register

Your Outlet or Register name can be renamed by navigating to the Registers & Outlets page and following the steps below.

  1. Select the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Registers & Outlets
  4. Locate the Outlet name or Register you wish to modify and select Edit
  5. Modify the register name to your preferred choice
  6. Select Save

Adding or Updating Your Payment Details

  1. Select Edit below Payment Details
  2. You will be prompted to enter your updated Card number, expiry and CVC number on the back of the card select Update to save your new payment information
  3. Once the new payment details have been added and you are ready to leave the Account & Billing page select Update

Your updated payment details will be charged on the next scheduled billing date and will be saved as your default payment method for future debits.

Note; Payments in Shopfront are powered by Stripe, a trusted and secure payment gateway. To ensure the highest level of security for our customers, payment information is never received or handled on Shopfront's servers.

Receiving Subscription Invoices 

You will receive an invoice by email to your designated email address after each payment has been processed successfully.


How to Download Previous Subscription Invoices

To access any previously paid subscription invoices, you can download them from the Account & Billing page. Simply select the Invoices icon, where you will be presented with a list of all your previous subscription invoices. From there, you can download a PDF copy of any desired invoice by selecting the Download option located next to it.


Upgrading or Downgrading From an Existing Plan

If you decide to modify your plan, please note that downgrading may not always be an available option. This typically occurs when your current plan includes a feature that is not offered on a lower-tiered plan. If this is the case, you will notice an Unavailable label listed at the bottom of the plan, along with the feature(s) that cannot be accessed on the lower plan. To proceed with the downgrade, you will simply need to deactivate the feature in question.

For instance, let's consider the example below where I am currently utilising a premium feature called Vendor Connections. To switch to a lower plan, I would need to first disable the active Vendor Connections.



Unable to Access Shopfront Vendor Due to Vendor Expired Message

If you see a message on your screen indicating Vendor Expired, this typically means that there is an outstanding payment for your Shopfront subscription. Possible reasons for this may include incomplete payment information, insufficient funds, or an expired/cancelled credit card. To update your payment details refer to the steps provided in Adding or Updating Payment Details.

If you are confident that your payment information is accurate, and you believe that the Vendor Expired message is being displayed in error, please contact Shopfront Support.


Maximum Amount of Plan Details Changes

Please note that modifications to your plan details can only be made once per month. If you have already reached the maximum number of subscription changes for the current billing cycle, an error will be displayed showing that You've exceeded our maximum subscription changes this billing period. If you need to make further adjustments, we encourage you to contact Shopfront Support for further assistance in updating your subscription.


Additional Billing Options

We understand that circumstances may arise that require temporary modifications to your Shopfront subscription, such as suspending access or removing your payment method, and we offer a range of additional billing options to assist you. In addition, if you need to cancel your Shopfront subscription, this can also be done through our Additional billing options. To explore these choices, simply navigate to the Account & Billing page and select Additional Options, where you will be presented with three different options to choose from.

Put Plan On Ice You will no longer have access to your data, but it will not be removed from Shopfront's servers, enabling you to resume using it whenever you choose to return.

It will use your existing billing cycle and costs $5 per month or $60 per year for as long as you want to keep the data. When restoring your account, you'll need to use our pricing structure at the time of restoration

Remove Payment Method Allows you to eliminate your current default payment method without replacing it with a new one. Failure to substitute the removed payment method before your subsequent bill may result in a loss of access to Shopfront
Cancel Subscription Your subscription will be terminated at the conclusion of the current billing cycle. You will continue to have access to Shopfront until that time. However, after the cancellation date, there is a possibility that your data may be permanently removed


Commonly Asked Questions

What happens if I modify my subscription during the billing period

If you decide to make changes to your subscription within a current billing cycle, you'll only be charged for the remaining days. For example, if you choose to add an extra register to your subscription, the charge for the additional register will be prorated based on the number of days left in your billing period. So, if there's only one day left in your billing cycle when you add the extra register, you'll only be charged at that time for one day of use at the applicable rate.

Alternatively, if you decide to remove a register or downgrade your subscription in any way during a billing period, a credit will be generated based on the number of unused days remaining in the billing period. This credit will then be applied towards your next Shopfront billing invoice.

Please note that only one change can be made to the subscription during a billing period. If you've already made a change and wish to make another, please contact Our Support Team.