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How to fix the Linkly Integrated EFTPOS Terminal When an Error is Shown on the Sell Screen

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If your Linkly integrated EFTPOS terminal is showing an Error - Pinpad Offline when attempting to process a transaction within the Sell Screen it will be due to a communication error that is unrelated to the Shopfront application.

Linky POS Machine Error


The Linkly client application can normally be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the Windows taskbar as a Green or Yellow C. It may be hidden in the system tray, in this case, you'll need to select the up arrow to show more icons. If the icon doesn't exist, try rebooting the PC. If the icon doesn't appear after a reboot it's likely that the Linkly application has been uninstalled, corrupted, or never installed on this PC. It's best you contact the Linkly Support Team in this situation.


Linkly Client Not Working


If the Linkly client icon "C" is Yellow in the Windows taskbar it means the Eftpos terminal, the PC and the Linkly client application are unable to communicate.

Try the following steps to resolve this issue; 

  • Restart your PC
  • Reboot the terminal by holding down the Function and Clear buttons on the pin pad (if the EFTPOS terminal is an Ingenico Move 5000), otherwise, try disconnecting the power cable or the battery
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the EFTPOS terminal (or cradle) from the PC and plug it into another USB port on the PC

If the troubleshooting steps above have not resolved your issue, then you should contact;

Here are some advanced tips to resolve the issue but you will most likely need to consult the Linkly Support Team or your Bank's Merchant Services about these;

  • Compare the Linkly Application COM Port setting to the Windows Device Manager Ports (Usually the COM port is set to Telium in the Linkly application)
  • Is the EFTPOS terminal in Standalone Mode? (Non-Integrated mode)
  • What is the EFTPOS terminals communication port type set to? (COM or USB)

Linkly Client Working

If the Linkly client icon "C" is Green in the Windows taskbar (as shown above) and you're not able to process an EFTPOS transaction due to the error shown below, it could be for the following reasons;

  • There is a temporary issue with the Shopfront Linkly Client Connector. Restarting the PC might solve this issue, if not it's best to contact the Shopfront Support Team.
  • The Linkly integration has not been set up on this PC by the Shopfront Support Team
  • If the payment type Linkly Value Added Applications has been selected in your Shopfront payment method settings, instead of the payment type Linkly, unless your EFTPOS terminal has been specifically configured for the Linkly Value Applications you will need to change the payment type to Linkly. See Setting Up Payment Methods to check the payment method type in Shopfront

Linkly Unknown Error

Declined - Modem Error

This indicates an error with the EFTPOS terminal connecting to Linkly, if you are presented with this error, you will need to contact the Linkly Support Team.

Linkly Modem Error