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How to Fix the Sell Screen Opening up on the Customer Display Monitor

Shopfront on the wrong window, wrong screen, Shopfront won't open, on the customer display, can't open Shopfront, window won't open

The steps below will show you two methods to fix the sell screen opening on the customer display monitor when it should be opening on the main monitor.

Note; To check that your monitor configuration is correct refer to How to Configure Windows for Multiple Monitor Displays.

Windows Keyboard Shortcut

Holding down the Shift + windows-icon.webp Windows button on your keyboard, tap the left or right arrow on your keyboard until the sell screen window appears on the correct monitor.


Dragging the Application From One Monitor to the Other

  1. Depending on which side your main monitor is set to in Windows, you will need to drag your mouse outside of the left or right main monitor margin
  2. Once your mouse has disappeared from the main monitor, you should see that it is active on the second monitor
  3. In the second monitor click and drag the top of the browser window and move it across to the other monitor

Note; If the mouse doesn't move into the second monitor, it could be because a screen lock application has been installed. In this case, you may need to exit the screen lock application.