Zen Global

Managing Customers with Zen Global

Zen Global features a powerful loyalty and marketing system and supports cross-venue customer management allowing customers to earn and redeem loyalty at different disconnected stores within the same group.

For information on how liability should be handled for loyalty within your banner group, please contact your banner group or Zen Global.

Shopfront supports adding both a Zen Global customer to the sale and a Shopfront customer to the sale. Shopfront also supports the running of Zen Global's loyalty program alongside Shopfront's loyalty program, we highly recommend disabling Shopfront's loyalty program if you're going to be adding both Zen Global and Shopfront customers to the same sale.

Adding Existing Zen Global Customers to the Sale

Customers from Zen Global can be added to the sale either by using the Search for a Zen Global Customer sale key or by pressing the Add Customer button in the top-right hand corner of the sell screen followed by pressing the Add Zen Global Customer.


This will then display the select Zen Global screen where you can search for existing customers, or if you press the button in the bottom-right hand corner, you can create new Zen Global customers.

When searching for Zen Global customers you can search by their card number, name, email address or phone number. 


After you find the customer, press their name and they'll be added to the sale with their current point balance visible.


Creating new Zen Global Customers

Zen Global customers are created from the select customer screen, simply press the Create New Customer button in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen and the create customer dialog will be displayed.


Simply fill in the details and press the Create Customer button and the details will be sent to Zen Global for creation, if the creation was successful, the customer will be automatically added to the sale.

If you're using customer card ranges, the Card Number field will be validated to ensure that the number falls into the range before being sent to Zen Global.

Updating a Zen Global Customer's Details

Once a Zen Global customer has been added to the sell screen you are able to click on the customers name or use the Update Current Zen Global Customer sale key to modify any of the customer's details. 


Simply adjust their details and press the Update button for the updated customer to be sent to Zen Global.

Earning Loyalty Points

Loyalty points will be automatically earned on all products based on the Loyalty Points Earn Rate setting in the Zen Global settings page. 

Once a customer is added to the sale and they have purchased products, the sale is sent live to Zen Global who will then automatically update the customer's loyalty balance.

Redeeming Loyalty Points

Redeeming Zen Global loyalty points has been designed to be as similar as possible to Shopfront's loyalty redemption system. Add the Zen Global customer to the sale, add the products to the screen and then press the Finalise button to open the finalise sale screen.

Select the Zen Global Loyalty payment method from the list of methods (if it's not available in the list, ensure you've added a Zen Global customer and not a Shopfront customer) which will then display the loyalty payment dialog.


Enter the number of points to use or the value of the points that you wish to use (calculated using the Loyalty Points Redemption Rate setting in the Zen Global settings screen) and if the customer has enough points, press the Pay button.

Zen Global loyalty can be used like any other payment method and be used in combination with other methods.

Upon the completion of the sale, the sale will be automatically sent live to Zen Global for the customer's loyalty points to be automatically updated.


Note: If Zen Global hasn't already been set up in your Shopfront integrations, please refer to Setting up Zen Global