Zen Global

Selling & Redeeming Zen Global Gift Cards

Zen Global allows for gift cards to be sold and redeemed across multiple venues and whether you're part of one of the banner groups which is using the multi-venue feature or a single store you can sell & redeem Zen Global gift cards.

After the integration with Zen Global has been completed your store will have two new products, Zen Global Gift Card and Zen Global Gift Card Surcharge. Both of these products will appear on your product list and can be renamed to whatever you desire.

The Zen Global Gift Card Surcharge can only be added and removed from the sale automatically by the integration, any attempt to add it manually will result in the integration removing it. The surcharge product is used if your banner group adds a surcharge to gift card purchases.


Selling Gift Cards

Selling Zen Global gift cards are designed to be as similar as possible to selling Shopfront's internal gift cards. Simply add the Zen Global product (which by default will be named Zen Global Gift Card) to the sale to get started. If you prefer, you can also use a sales key that is associated with the gift card product. For more information on how to do this see Adding Products to Sales Keys.

Once the product has been added, by default the price will be requested and then the integration will display a dialogue requesting which gift card code to use.



Scan or enter the gift card barcode and then press the Create button. If you're using gift card ranges to ensure the gift card code is between two values the ranges will be displayed and the code will be validated before the product finishes adding to the sale.

If your banner group is applying gift card surcharges, the surcharge will automatically be calculated and displayed as a separate product (called Zen Global Gift Card Surcharge by default).

After the gift card is added to the sale, you can continue to add other products or complete the sale as you normally would.


Recharging Gift Cards

Existing gift cards can be topped up or recharged by doing the same process as selling a gift card. Once the gift card code is entered, a dialog will warn you that the gift card already exists and if you wish to proceed with topping it up.


Redeeming Gift Cards

Similar to selling gift cards, redeeming gift cards from Zen Global have been designed to be as similar as possible to redeeming Shopfront's internal gift cards. 

Add the products to the sale as you normally would and then press the Finalise button to open the finalise sale screen. In the list of payment methods, select the one named Zen Global Gift Card. Shopfront will then open a payment method dialog requesting the gift card number.



Scan or enter the gift card number and then press Search and Shopfront will validate the gift card number and remaining balance with Zen Global.

Presuming the gift card exists and has a balance remaining, you can now enter the amount you wish to use to pay and press the Pay button.

Zen Global gift cards can be used like any other payment method. They can be used in combination with other payment methods and multiple gift cards can be redeemed in the sale.


Note: If Zen Global hasn't already been set up in your Shopfront integrations, please refer to Setting up Zen Global