Zen Global

Setting up Zen Global

Zen Global is an analytics and marketing platform which supports multi-venue loyalty and gift cards. Once integrated and enabled for your Outlet, Shopfront sends live sales data to Zen Global containing the products sold, the payment methods used and any customer information.

To join or obtain credentials, please contact Zen Global.

Integrate the Zen Global Integration

After you've obtained your Zen Global credentials, using a Shopfront user account with either no role or with the required permissions you'll need to integrate the Zen Global application with Shopfront.

The required permissions for the Zen Global integration are currently:

  • Modify Integrations,
  • Edit Products (for the Zen Global gift card product),
  • Create Products (for the Zen Global gift card product),
  • Modify Payment Methods (for the Zen Global loyalty and gift card payment methods),
  • Delete Products,
  • Create Webhooks,
  • Modify Settings (to create additional information about Zen Global),
  • See Products,
  • See Customers,
  • Create Customers,
  • Edit Customers,
  • See Sales History

To do this, on Shopfront open the Menu, go to Setup then select Integrations


On this page you'll be displayed with a list of integrations, scroll down to the Zen Global integration and press the blue Integrate button.


You'll then be redirected to the integration approval screen, select AUTHORISE to continue.


After a moment, you'll be redirected back to the Shopfront integrations page. Scroll back down to the Zen Global integration and press the green Settings button.


On the settings page you'll need to enable the Zen Global application to access data for each Outlet that you're integrating and fill in each of the details using the information provided by Zen Global.

Field Description
Enable Zen Global Integration Whether the integration is enabled for the Outlet or not
Site Number The site number provided by Zen Global for the current Outlet
Location Number The location number for stock provided by Zen Global
Serial Number The serial number for the integration provided by Zen Global
Username The API username provided by Zen Global
Password The API password provided by Zen Global
Loyalty Points Earn Rate The number of loyalty points a Zen Global customer will earn through the integration for every dollar they spend 
Loyalty Points Redemption Rate The number of loyalty points it takes for a Zen Global customer to redeem one dollar of products
Zen Global Gift Card Range The range of cards that are valid inputs when selling and redeeming Zen Global gift cards. The range is inclusive
Zen Global Customer Card Range The range of member cards that are valid inputs when creating new Zen Global customers. The range is inclusive
Terminal Number The terminal number for your register provided by Zen Global
Enable OnTap Data Integration If your banner group requires products to be matched using OnTap Data's Liquor File this should be enabled and credentials should be obtained from OnTap Data
Venue ID The Venue ID that corresponds to your Outlet provided by OnTap Data
Authentication Token The Authentication Token for your Outlet provided by OnTap Data

Once you've finished filling out the information, press the Save button at the bottom of the screen and you'll be all set to go!

Enabling Zen Global Gift Card Payment for Each Register

To enable the Zen Global payment method to be active on your register, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Registers and Outlets
  4. Select the Register you wish to add the Payment Method to and click Edit
  5. Locate the Zen Global payment methods you wish to activate (eg, Zen Global Gift Card and Zen Global Loyalty) and select the toggle to enable each payment method
  6. Press Save


Note; Repeat these steps for any additional registers you wish to apply the Zen Global payment methods to.

Creating Sale Keys

The final step with setting up Zen Global is optionally adding sale keys (all of Zen Global can be used without adding Sale Keys, but they make it nice and quick to access the features).

Zen Global adds the following sale key actions:

Action Description
Search for a Zen Global Customer Opens the Zen Global search for customer dialog, you're also able to create a new Zen Global customer from here
Remove Current Zen Global Customer Removes the current Zen Global customer off the sale if one has been added
Update Current Zen Global Customer Displays the Zen Global update customer dialog to easily modify the details of the current Zen Global customer attached to the sale

The integration also adds a product called Zen Global Gift Card and Zen Global Gift Card Surcharge which can be added to your sale keys to easily sell gift cards.

For details on setting up and managing sale keys, check out our help article.


Customising Your Receipt

You can also add additional content to your receipt. To start with, follow the steps in the Adding Dynamic Fields to Receipts guide.

The code you need to add is:

{IF(sale.metaData.zenGlobal.cardNumber, concat("Thank you for your loyalty ", concat(sale.metaData.zenGlobal.firstName, " ", sale.metaData.zenGlobal.lastName)), "")}
{IF(sale.metaData.zenGlobal.cardNumber, concat("Barons Locals Member#: ", sale.metaData.zenGlobal.cardNumber), "")}


What's Next?

Now that you're done setting up Zen Global, you can start to use it, check out our articles for selling and redeeming gift cards and performing customer management.