Managing Inventory

Dynamically Generating an Order from Sales

Shopfront can generate supplier orders from your previous sales history. This allows you to estimate the amount of stock you'll require based on real sales.

We would also suggest looking at generating orders from reorder points which allow you to set predefined levels to order stock from.


Generating Orders

When you're ready to generate a dynamic order you'll need to create an order as specified in creating supplier orders, however, you'll have to set Generate Stock From to Sales.

From this point you'll need to specify the number of weeks to analyse sales data from, most stores use between 8 and 12 weeks to analyse.

After specifying the amount of weeks to analyse sales data from, you'll need to specify the amount of weeks you wish to order stock for.

To include Transfers or Subtract Stock Currently On Order please toggle the respective options on.   


Once the order has been created you'll be able to edit and modify the order to your liking before sending it.


Calculation Used When Generating an Order From Sales

The calculation used when generating an order by sales is shown below:

  • Total Sales for the Analysed Period / (Analysed Days * Order Days) - On Hand Stock

Example: Product A has a case quantity of 1, there have been 10 items sold for the week (analyse period), and there are currently 2 items on hand. Based on the above calculation, when generating an order by sales analysing 1 week and ordering stock for 1 week, the reorder amount for Product A would be 8 items.