Managing Customers

Viewing Customer Balances and Statements

We've made it easy to view all customer's balances and quickly display their statements.

  1. Select the Menu icon
  2. Select Customer Management 
  3. Select Balances
  4. Optionally, if you only want to view customers who have a particular outstanding balance, you can enter a minimum and maximum customer balance, you will need to select Filter after doing so
  5. Next to the name of the customer select View Statement
  6. Enter a date range, any invoices that fall outside the date range will appear as overdue, invoices inside the date range will appear as current, a dotted line will separate these invoices on the statement
  7. Choose the Statement Template and Select View
  8. You will now be able to choose to Print, Save or Email the statement
  9. To navigate to the next statement select the arrow located to the right of the statement border