Customising Shopfront

Providing "Cash Out" Payments

Shopfront supports the ability to provide "Cash Out" both with and without a sale.

Note: You can set user permissions to manage who can perform a "Cash Out"

Setting up Payment Methods

To enable cash out, you must first create or edit a payment method that will allow cash out. When you're in the Payment Method modify screen, you must enable the Allow Cash Out setting.

Configuring Cash Out Without a Sale

If you would like to enable or disable providing cash out without a sale complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select General
  4. Search for the relevant setting by typing key words into the search text box and select from the drop down menu 
  5. Select the register you want to apply this setting to
  6. Toggle the Allow Cash Out Without Sale option to your preference
  7. Click Save


If you have enabled Cash Out without a sale, you can create a sale key which allows you to perform a cash out without requiring any products in the sale (use the Pay the Exact Amount action and enable the Prevent Disabled toggle).

We have created a default Cash Out key image you can select from the Media Centre.


Providing Cash Out from the Register

If you have enabled cash out without a sale, you can simply press the cash out sale key at any time (including without products) to display the cash out dialog box.

Otherwise once the customer is ready to pay and would like to receive cash out at the end of a sale, simply select the payment method which is enabled for cash out from the finalise sale screen (or the sales key if you have one) to open the cash out dialog box.

Once the cash out dialog box is open, enter the Amount to be added to the total of the current sale and select Cash Out.


Once the sale has been processed you will be prompted to provide the customer with their cash.