Customising Shopfront

How to Display a Previous Date on the Register

Need to check ID cards or a date X amount of time in the past (or future)? You can add a Previous Date Sale Key to the Sell Screen.

Setting up the Sales Key

  1. Select the Menu icon
  2. Select Setup  
  3. Select Sale Keys 
  4. Select the Sales Keys you wish to edit or create a new set
  5. Resize your existing Sales Keys to make room for a new sales key
  6. Select Add Sale Key
  7. Select the Action dropdown list and change the setting to View a Previous Date
  8. Fill in Normal Text with the name of your sales key (e.g. ID Check)
  9. In the box titled Duration Ago type the period you wish to view
    • To display a date 18 years ago enter P18Y
    • To display a date 21 years ago enter P21Y
    • We use the ISO 8601 Format to define periods. Select here to view a detailed breakdown of how this works. 
  10. Select your background and text colour settings for your new key
  11. Select Save