Managing Products

How to Edit Shelf Tickets Templates

Shopfront can export your Shelf Tickets to an external program called DesignPro.

Note; For details on how to export and print shelf tickets and how to handle in-store promotion tickets please see the linked articles. 


Adding or Changing Shelf Ticket Fields

  1. Open Design Pro
  2. Create or Select a template that you would like to edit
  3. To add a new field, select Database followed by Insert Field
  4. From the list, select the Field you want to add to the ticket. In this example, we are adding the First Price ticket Field named PRICEN, to add the field select Insert
  5. The shelf ticket template will now contain the first price ticket field, you will need to size and format the field to fit the ticket space
  6. To check how your shelf tickets look, select the Print Preview magnifying glass icon located at the top left of the toolbar.

Below is a listing of the ticket fields that you can add to your shelf ticket prices, take a look through and find the best field for your next set of shelf tickets.

Everyday Tickets 

Field Description
PLU A unique identifier

Product Name

PRICE_IND1 Price Indicator 1 (qty related to the second price)
PRICE_IND2 Price Indicator 2 (qty related to the third price)
PRICE_IND3 Price Indicator 3 (qty related to the last price)
PRICE_IND4 Price Indicator 4 (qty related to the fifth price)
PRICE_IND5 Price Indicator 5 (qty related to the sixth price)
PRICE_IND6 Price Indicator 5 (qty related to the seventh price)
PRICE_INDC Price Indicator Case (Relates to the case quantity)
MANNO Manufacturer's Number / Core Supplier Code
PRICEN The actual first price
PRICET Rate of Second Price (e.g. 24 for $49.99 = 24/49.99 ~ $2.08)
PRICEW Rate of Third Price
PRICEP Rate of Last Price

Rate of the fifth price


Rate of the fifth price (dollars)


Rate of the fifth price (cents)


Rate of the sixth price


Rate of the sixth price (dollars)


Rate of the sixth price (cents)


Rate of the seventh price


Rate of the seventh price (dollars)


Rate of the seventh price (cents)


Rate of the carton price


Rate of the carton price (dollars)


Rate of the carton price (cents)

PER Case Quantity
LOCATE Location
LBLPRICE1 The actual second price
LBLPRICE2 The actual third price
LBLPRICE3 The actual fourth price
LBLPRICE4 The actual fifth price
LBLPRICE5 The actual sixth price
LBLPRICE6 The actual seventh price
LBLPRICEC The actual carton price
LONGDESC The long description (will be the same as the product name)
PRICEN_70 Single Price 70% Off
PRICEN_60 Single Price 60% Off
PRICEN_50 Single Price 50% Off
PRICEN_40 Single Price 40% Off
PRICEN_30 Single Price 30% Off
PRICEN_25 Single Price 25% Off
PRICEN_20 Single Price 20% Off
PRICEN_15 Single Price 15% Off
PRICEN_10 Single Price 10% Off
PRICEN_5 Single Price 5% Off
WHOLEPRCN Price 1 (Only adds decimal places if required)
WHOLEPRC1 Price 2 (Only adds decimal places if required)
WHOLEPRC2 Price 3 (Only adds decimal places if required)
WHOLEPRC3 Last Price (Only adds decimal places if required)
WHOLEPRC4 Price 5 (Only adds decimal places if required)
WHOLEPRC5 Price 6 (Only adds decimal places if required)
WHOLEPRC6 Price 7 (Only adds decimal places if required)
WHOLEPRCC Carton Price (Only adds decimal places if required)
LBLPRICE1D Price point 2 (dollars)
LBLPRICE1C Price point 2 (cents)
LBLPRICE2D Price point 3 (dollars)
LBLPRICE2C Price point 3 (cents)
LBLPRICE3D Fourth Price point (dollars)
LBLPRICE3C Fourth Price point (cents)
LBLPRICE4D Price point 5 (dollars)
LBLPRICE4C Price point 5 (cents)
LBLPRICE5D Price point 6 (dollars)
LBLPRICE5C Price point 6 (cents)
LBLPRICE6D Price point 7 (dollars)
LBLPRICE6C Price point 7 (cents)
LBLPRICECD Price point carton (dollars)
LBLPRICECC Price point carton (cents)
PRICEND Price point 1 (dollars)
PRICENC Price point 1 (cents)
PRICETD Rate of second price (dollars)
PRICETC Rate of second price (cents)
PRICEWD Rate of third price (dollars)
PRICEWC Rate of third price (cents)
PRICEPD Rate of last price (dollars)
PRICEPC Rate of last price (cents)
PRICEN_5D Single price 5% off (dollars)

Single Price 5% off (cents)

PRICEN_10D Single price 10% off (dollars)
PRICEN_10C Single price 10% off (cents)
PRICEN_15D Single price 15% off (dollars)
PRICEN_15C Single price 15% off (cents)
PRICEN_20D Single price 20% off (dollars)
PRICEN_20C Single price 20% off (cents)
PRICEN_25D Single price 25% off (dollars)
PRICEN_25C Single price 25% off (cents)
PRICEN_30D Single price 30% off (dollars)
PRICEN_30C Single price 30% off (cents)
PRICEN_40D Single price 40% off (dollars)
PRICEN_40C Single price 40% off (cents)
PRICEN_50D Single price 50% off (dollars)
PRICEN_50C Single price 50% off (cents)
PRICEN_60D Single price 60% off (dollars)
PRICEN_60C Single price 60% off (cents)
PRICEN_70D Single price 70% off (dollars)
PRICEN_70C Single price 70% off (cents)
Barcode Relates to the first barcode

Note, additional ticketing information can be used to customise the ticket information and show fields outside the above table, see Setting up Additional Ticket Information for information on setting this up.