After a Sale is Completed

Finding Previous Sales Using Sales History

The Sales History shows the full details of every sale completed, parked and cancelled that has been performed in Shopfront.


How to Access the Sales History

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Register
  3. Select Sales History


Filtering Your Sales History

You will be presented with a couple of basic filters by default, please enter details that will help you locate the sale and click Filter.


Alternatively, you can click on Show Advanced Filters to add further filters to your search. To apply these details please click Filter


Sales can be filtered by:

Field Description
Date The date range the sale occurred, this is an inclusive field
Invoice Number The invoice number of the sale
Payment Method One of the Payment Methods used in the sale, will appear if payments were split as well
User The User who processed the sale
Outlet The Outlet the sale was processed at
Register The Register the sale was processed on
Status The status of the sale
Amount The total value of the sale, this is an exclusive field
Customer The Customer who the sale was attributed to
Product One of the Products on the sale
Gift Card Code The code of a Gift Card used on the sale, this includes purchases and payments
Returned Whether any product on the sale was returned
Discounted Whether any product on the sale was discounted

Once you've selected the filters you would like to use, press the Filter button.


Previous Sale Functions

There are several options upon selecting a sale, please click on the sale to expand further details;

  • Reprint Receipt allows a sale to be printed using any receipt template. 
  • Email Receipt requests an email address for the receipt to be sent to.
  • Modify Details of sale has the ability to modify the date and time of the transaction, the register the sale took place on and the user who completed the sale.
  • Assign Customer requests selecting a customer to be assigned to the sale. 
  • Return Items is used to complete a partial or full refund of products found within sale.
  • Cancel Sale should only be used when a sale has been processed incorrectly or by accident.