Learning Shopfront

How to Open the Customer Display

Shopfront supports showing the current sale to the customer through the use of a customer-facing display. This is typically set up as a screen mounted on the opposite side of your display.


Open the Customer Display

The customer display can be opened from the menu or from the screen icon located at the top left of your sales screen.

Use the Screen Icon to Open the Customer Display

The flashing red stylised display icon at the top of the screen triggers the casting options dialogue box from anywhere in Shopfront. If this is not visible, it is likely because the customer display is currently being cast. If the icon is not visible but the customer display is unavailable, you may need to apply the settings below.

  1. Select Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select General
  4. Select Registers and choose the register you want to enable
  5. Scroll down to the Registers section and toggle on Open customer display when register opens
    (Repeat these steps if you want to enable the customer display on other registers)
  6. Select Save

You should now see a red flashing screen in the top left of your register.



Use the Menu to open the Customer Display

  1. Navigate to Menu > Register
  2. Click on Open Customer Display
  3. A dialogue box on the right-hand side of the screen will open, on here select which screen to cast the Customer Display on


Select a Customer Display Template in Setup

Multiple customer display templates can be created and modified. By default, a standard template will be selected for each register. It is possible to select a different template for registers if multiple templates exist. 

  1. Navigate to Menu > Setup > General
  2. Search for "Customer Display" by typing into the text box
  3. Select a register
  4. Click on the selection box under Customer Display Template
  5. Select a template from the dropdown menu
  6. Click Save to finalise and apply the changes

Note; To create or modify customer display templates see Customer Display Setup. If you are experiencing issues setting up the display see Customer Display Troubleshooting.


Customer Display Modes

You can choose the mode that is used for launching the customer display, the two options are explained below.

  • Presentation - Uses Chrome's built-in cast feature
  • Popup - Opens the customer display in a popup window

Follow the steps below to change the display mode.

  1. Select Menu > Setup > General 
  2. Select Registers and choose the register you wish to change
  3. Choose the desired mode under Customer display mode
  4. Select Save