Managing Inventory

Receiving Invoices Sent from ALM

Shopfront integrates with ALM to automatically receive and download your invoices.

Note: To setup receiving invoices from ALM, contact our support team.


Finding the Invoice

Normally you'll receive a notification that you can click on to receive the invoice, however if it has been removed you can still find it through Stock Management:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Stock Management
  3. Select Orders & Invoices
  4. Any electronic invoices should now be displayed, ensuring that your status is set to Outstanding



You can locate the invoice you are looking for by viewing the Invoice Number shown.

  • Select Receive to proceed to the next step in receiving the stock


Processing an ALM Invoice

Receiving an ALM invoice is very similar to receiving a normal invoice, so we suggest that you check out that documentation and become familiar with it first.

Once you've entered the invoice modification page you will see a list of all of the products and cost prices included in your invoice.

The first thing you should look for is to see if any of the products in your invoice are marked as a Temporary Productthese products are either new or the ALM product has a different product code to what exists in your stock file currently, selecting anywhere on the product description will allow you to search for the existing product to associate. If it is a new product select Create.



When creating a New Product from your invoice:

  • Product details will be pre filled based on the Shopfront Master Database information
  • Check that the correct category and tags are displayed
  • Ensure products which should have tax aren't marked as Tax Free
  • Take a look at the price points and add or edit any if required
  • Once you are happy with the setup of the product, select Save Product  


If a product is marked as Different Case Quantity, this means that the case quantity on the ALM invoice is different from the case quantity you have set up for that product.


There are a number of reasons why this may happen:

  • Case quantity has changed 
  • You have by error put the wrong case quantity in for that product
  • You have a different setup for that product e.g. Supplier has 10 pack cartons set up as 30, if you're not selling singles you may have the carton quantity as 3 (in this case the yellow highlighted product needs no further action and can be safely ignored).

To change the case quantity of a Different Case Quantity product:

  • Select anywhere on the product description
  • To change to the invoice case quantity select Invoice, Current will keep your current case quantity the same.
  • Once you have changed the case quantity of a product, you will need to input the correct case cost for that product. Find the case cost on your invoice and type the correct case cost into the Case Cost box. 

Note: If you do change the case quantity of a product, you will need to manually count the current inventory of the product to ensure previous stock levels are converted in to the new case quantity. 

Once the invoice total aligns with the invoice supplied by ALM, you can select Save and Receive.