Product Revision History Report

The Product Revision History report allows you to view specific product revisions between any date.

To run a Product Revision History report, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Menu
  2. Select Reporting
  3. Select Miscellaneous Reports
  4. Select Product Revision History
  5. Select a date range
  6. If you wish to view particular revision types, select Keys and choose the revision type(s) you would like to include (leave this blank if you wish to view all revisions)
  7. If you wish to view revisions made to particular products, enter the product(s) name under the Products field (leave this blank if you wish to view the revisions for all products)

Note; These reports can be customised to your liking and saved to your Favourite Reports.

In the example below we are looking at all price changes that have been made for a particular day across all products.